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Financial Options

Pet Insurance

Our goal at LVC is to make sure all of our clients are aware that Medical insurance is available for your pet(s) . Pet insurance can help protect your pet and your finances. Every new patient at our hospital between the age of 8 weeks and 14 years old is eligible to receive a FREE 30 day trial of Medical Insurance with Trupanion. Any illness or accident that was not pre- existing prior to the initial wellness exam, is covered for 30 days and the waiting period is waived if you choose to sign up and continue going with your policy.

With the Trupanion insurance policy, 90% of veterinary cost will be picked up. This includes hospital stays, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries and other treatments when your pet is ill or injured. Of course you will have to discuss your policy in detail with a trupanion representative when you decide to sign up.  With Trupanion you can choose a deductible that works best for your family budget- anywhere from $0- $1000.  If you choose Trupanion as your Pet Insurance company, it will be as easy as one, two, three when you come in to visit us. Our computer system allows us to aromatically send a claim, which means we can see if Trupanion pays us directly (meaning you pay the remainder of the invoice after your deductible and 90% has been covered) or we can have the company reimburse you directly. NO MORE PAPER WORK FOR YOU!

Call us for more details or visit the Trupanion website for more information.

Pet Card

Pet Card is a veterinary Financing company, that can help you when the unexpected happens with your pet(s). There are a variety of ways you can pay for your veterinary finances with Pet Card. You can choose to finance the full amount, or Pet card can finance a portion. Your equal monthly payments can also be customized to suit your budget; payment options can range from six months to five years. To apply for petcard financing you need to fill out the application form. Contact us for more information or visit the Pet Card website to fill out your application.

Tails of Help

Tails of help is a volunteer – driven registered charity program that has been designed and helped put together by the ABVMA ( Alberta Veterinary Medical Association) to help Albertan Families that have financial burdens and cannot afford health care for their pets. Research has shown that the Human Animal Bond is beneficial to both our mental and physical health. Pets help children to develop relationship skills, learn socialization and empathy. Pets also provide the elderly and disabled with a sense of identity, security, and reduce psychological stress.  Sometimes if there are no finances available in a family when a pet is sick or injured, they will be left untreated or euthanized. Tails of help is a program that will allow a certain amount of veterinary finances to be paid for. With the kindness of donations, the veterinary practice donating service and the program donating funds, eligible families will be helped. Applications for funding are made on behalf of the veterinary clinic and the client together. Tails of help has been designed to help seniors, disabled, or low income Alberta families in need of essential pet health care. Please call us for more details.

Multiple Pet Discount

Do you have more then one pet at home? Let us help you save! If you book two pets for their Wellness Visits you will receive a 5% discount on the vaccines and exam cost. If you have 3-4 pets come in for their Wellness Visit you will receive a 10% discount on the vaccines and exam cost. And if you have 4 or more pets you will save 20% off the cost of Wellness and Vaccine visits.