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What is the Pedi- Program? 

Pet care can be expensive; we know that. So when you need to come every six- eight weeks for your pet’s nail trims, we understand that cost of care can add up.  That’s why we created our Pedi- Program. The first pedicure your pet receives will be full cost; but come within eight weeks or less and the pedicures will be HALF OFF.  

Can’t come during the week? We have a PEDI – HOUR on Saturday’s from 12 – 1pm. Call ahead to book your pet in for their pedicure on Saturday. If you are interested please ask for Shawntelle; we would love to book your pet in for their ‘spa’ date, because every pet deserves to be pampered. Make sure to let us know if your pet can have treats, we love to spoil them!

Have you ever heard of SOFT PAWS?

Soft paws are plastic nail caps that are glued on to your cat’s nails. The glue is non toxic and the soft paws grow out with the nail. They are an alternative to de-clawing your cat. Soft Paws can also be used for dogs if you have concerns about nails scratching up the floor when they walk. These little nail caps are easy to apply and can be down every 6-8 weeks at home. But if you are unsure of how to do it, or if you want us to show you how first; book your Soft Paw appointment today. We have the cat soft paw kits in clinic, if you purchase the kit, we will apply the soft paws and show you how to apply them yourself for no charge. If you’re not comfortable after we show you, then no worries!  We can book you in during our PEDI- HOUR on Saturdays or we can book during the week to routinely re- apply your kitties soft paws. 

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